To explore hiking options in Mendocino County, check out the hikes listed below. You can also download the Coastal Trail Guide App created by the Mendocino Land Trust and CA State Coastal Conservancy.


Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area

The park's varied trails offer hikers scenic redwood and river views. Trails include an easy 1.7-mile self guided loop, a moderate 2-mile loop, and a strenuous 6-mile loop.

Greenwood State Beach

Ocean view trail down to the expansive beach.

Hendy woods state park

Hendy Woods has about 5 miles of trails, mostly easy or moderate, all within easy walking distance from the campgrounds.

Easy Hikes:
Big Hendy Upper Loop, 1.4 miles, 20 foot elevation gain. 
Big Hendy Discovery Trail, 0.6 miles, mostly flat.

Moderate Hike:
Hermit Huts and Little Hendy, 2.7 miles, 270 feet. While this loop skirts the park’s finest redwood grove, Big Hendy, it will give you a taste of Little Hendy and the park’s upland habitats and history.

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

Easy Hike:
Headlands Loop, 0.5 miles, flat. A self-guided tour of the entire trail is posted online.

Moderate Hike:
Ecological Staircase, 5 miles roundtrip, 300 foot elevation gain. The trail explores three wave-cut terraces formed by the continental glaciers, rising seas, and tectonic plates that built the Coast Range. Few places on earth display a more complete record of how geology, soils, and plants change over time. A brochure describing what you can see at 40 stops along the way is available online.

MacKerricher State Park

A 1.3-mile trail circles Lake Cleone.

The old lumber haul road takes you from Ward Avenue along the coast to Glass Beach. It originally was a railroad that brought lumber from 10 Mile River to the mill in Fort Bragg.

manchester state park

Hiking, wildlife viewing, and enjoying the park’s nearly five miles of beach are popular pastimes. Whales may be spotted offshore during the annual gray whale migration from December to April.

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Miles of trails wind along the cliffs, giving the casual explorer spectacular views of sea arches and hidden grottos.

On the south side of Mendocino, accessible by vehicle from Highway 1, or by trails down the bluffs, is Big River Beach. It also has a haul road that follows the river for several miles.

Montgomery woods

The reserve has one 2-mile trail, the Montgomery trail which loops backs on itself. The steep entrance that leads into the woods has about a 900 foot elevation gain. In wet weather the trail can be muddy or flooded.

Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park

Located four miles north of Mendocino, the park’s 296.5 acres of open space include an impressive variety of wildlife and hiking trails.

Russian gulch state park

Russian Gulch State Park has 15 miles of trails, with a satisfying mix of shady forest and open coastal hikes.

Easy Hike:
Headlands Trail, 
0.75 miles long, minimal elevation change.

Moderate Hike:
Fern Canyon to Falls Loop Trails

5.4 – 6.3 miles out and back (depending on route), 250–350 foot change in elevation and a 36-foot waterfall.

Van Damme State park

Van Damme is a day-hiker’s paradise, with dramatic vistas and discoveries every step of the way. Plan your own hike, or pick one from the suggestions below.

1.75 miles from the drive-in campground to the “environmental” primitive campsites
2.5 miles from the drive-in campground to where the trail splits for the pygmy forest, where you can proceed upward on either Fern Canyon Trail or Old Logging Road Trail. From there, it’s
2.5 miles to the pygmy forest on Fern Canyon Trail, or
1.4 miles to the pygmy forest on Old Logging Road Trail.
0.25 miles from site 11 in the drive-in campground to the bog Cabbage Patch
0.25 miles from Airport Drive parking area around the wheelchair-accessible pygmy forest boardwalk loop.

Easy Hike:
Pygmy Forest, 0.25 miles, flat

Moderate Hikes:
Pygmy Forest and Fern Canyon Loop 4.15 miles, elevation change 300 feet.
Fern Canyon from the Campground, 5 miles, elevation change 150 feet

Strenuous Hikes:
Fern Canyon Lollapalooza, 9.15 miles roundtrip, elevation gain 450 feet. 
Cabbage Patch, Currently closed due to maintenance budget restrictions

Westport-Union Landing State Beach

Blufftop hiking trails.